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Nigel Foote

Nigel Foote, folksinger music AwardsNigel Foote grew up in Sydney, Australia, in a home filled with laughter, music and candlelight. Although he played piano as a child, he fell in love with the guitar at sixteen, listening to his mother's Andre Segovia records.

But instead of following a classical path, he was drawn into the embrace of folk music in the 1960's and the sound of the steel- string guitar. The instrument has been his constant companion ever since.

Nigel began writing songs in 1972 while running a candle-making business in the inner city, shortly before moving out to Avalon on Sydney's northern beaches.

In 1980 he married Dawn Egan, and they moved west to the Blue Mountains three years later with her six-year-old son Damien.

During the International Year of Peace in 1986, Nigel released an anti-nuclear single in association with Greenpeace. Both songs on the single won songwriting awards and on the strength of that critical acclaim Nigel released his debut album, Dangerous Game, the following year.

Since then, Nigel has lived and worked in the Blue Mountains as resident guitarist at resorts and guesthouses in the region, and as a duo with Dawn who plays the Celtic harp.

Nigel has also built a reputation as a teacher of folk-blues guitar, both at home and for the Mitchell Conservatorium of Music. He has now given over 10,000 lessons. (Yes, he counted them!).

Nigel and Dawn now have two more sons, Martin and Lachlan, (who both play guitar).

Aside from songwriting and playing guitar, other interests include photography and tennis.

Nigel's latest album, Home By Dark, was officially launched at the Clarendon Theatre, Katoomba, on the 26th November, 2006 and is the first release on the Folksinger Label (Cat' No. F1)

Songwriting Awards

  • 2007 Winner ~ Folk Award ~ Blue Mountains Music Awards
  • 2007 2nd Place TSA Songwriter's Salute ~ Sleeping Like An Angel
  • 2007 Finalist ~ Victorian & National Country Music Awards ~ Home By Dark
  • 2006 Winner ~ Folk Award ~ Blue Mountains Music Awards
  • 2005 Finalist ~ Musicoz Awards ~ 'The Ballad of C F Martin'
  • 2003 Honourable Mention John Lennon Song Contest 'Just The Way It Goes'
  • 2003 3rd Place ~ ASA Song Contest ~ 'Home by Dark'
  • 2003 2nd Place ~ Musicoz Awards ~ ‘Martin's Song’ (Shine Like Silver)
  • 2003 Finalist ~ ASA Song Contest ~ ‘She Wore No Shoes’
  • 2001 Finalist Johnny Dennis Music Awards ‘The Water Smoothes the Stones’
  • 2000 Finalist ~ ASA Song Contest ~ ‘Treasures’
  • 2000 Finalist ~ ASA Song Contest ~ ‘Home by Dark’
  • 1995 Finalist ~ ASA Song Contest ~ ‘It's a Sad Song a Broken Heart Sings’
  • 1995 Finalist ~ ASA Song Contest ~ ‘Shadows of the Moon’
  • 1994 Winner ~ Rudi Brandsma Award ~ Various titles
  • 1994 2nd Place ~ ASA Song Contest ~ ‘Dangerous Game’
  • 1987 Winner ~ PATER International Award ~ ‘Going Somewhere’
  • 1987 Winner ~ PATER Inter’ Award ~ ‘A Long Way from Parramatta Road’
  • 1987 Finalist ~ PATER International Award ~ ‘For the Birds’
  • 1987 Finalist ~ PATER International Award ~ ‘Watching Our Love Grow’
  • 1986 Finalist ~ Declan Affley Award ~ ‘Dangerous Game’
  • 1986 Winner ~ PCDAO Literature Award ~ ‘Say No, Say No’

Reviews & Quotes

“Nigel Foote’s second album, Home By Dark, is exceptional... The songs were written over the past ten years, and each one is inspired and beautifully crafted... a gifted folksinger and songwriter... one of our finest musicians"... Radio BLU FM

“Gently infused with stirring fiddle, slide guitar and low-breath harmonies, the album quietly matures to surprise you in it’s depth and intricacy. Respectful of the past, yet always lyrically inventive, Home By Dark is beautiful, subtle and intimate”... Morris Bryant

“Beguiling... evocative... highly recommended”... Pat Drummond

"The great marriage of words and music is too often discarded for the lure of making quick money in today's lucrative music market. But if you are willing to explore further beyond the tease of commercialism, there are still artists in this world writing and performing works of a truly exceptional standard, songs that inspire and touch us, melodies which will echo through the years. Nigel Foote is one of these artists"... Paul Jarman

“Beautiful songs... wonderful musicianship... worth the wait!”... Judy Small

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